Amanda is one of the fortunate few who has been able to harness her passion and turn it into a profession.

She has not yet been able to harness her personality, but that's what fans the flames of her creativity.

Not one for the corporate world (Aquarius, amirite?), Amanda knew early in life that she would find her own way, developing her own version of success that allowed her to be herself. And let's be honest, she's practically unemployable so let's be thankful she's amazing at jewelry so she can be her own boss.

Jewelry by Amanda started as a love of personal jewelry and has grown into the flourishing business it is today.

As her design style has evolved, Amanda has remained true to her love of simplicity - always designing quality jewelry that won't go out of season.

Amanda's designs are endlessly wearable, lending themselves to personalization, layering, and expression.


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